We just did a job for a customer, where they gave us a finished product, and said can you do an exact replica of this with our new logo?

We were able to find the exact mug, we were able to print on it the way they wanted.  We were able to have it to them in the very short time they gave us to put the order together.  But what we could not do was use the exact same font that was used last time from their previous supplier, because we did not know what it is.

When a piece of marketing material is done, you should always know the fonts used, so in the future you can keep your marketing consistent.  If you do not know what the font is, and you have to go through thousands of fonts to try and match it, it could be impossible.  We have over 3,000 fonts, that we have printed in a binder for our customers to go through so they can pick the perfect font for their marketing materials! So if you do not know what has been used in the past, we can help you pick a new one, and we will take note of it, so from now on, your marketing materials are professional and consistent.