With Christmas on the way, you are probably thinking about what gifts to give your staff and customers. Maybe you are thinking about not getting any gifts at all this year? Do you know why I think that is wrong?  It’s because at this time of year, some people are struggling with the start of winter, or the change in the seasons, but when they realize Christmas is coming, there is an err of excitement in the air.

It doesn’t have to be a large gift, it could be a chocolate bar, or a mug filled with candy.  It could be as simple as a new pen for their desk, but something small to show your appreciation goes a long way.

Now you are probably thinking, I can just go to a store and buy something.  But if you give them a mug with your name on it, and maybe some candy inside, in the New Year as they are drinking their tea, or finishing the last of the chocolate, and they see your name on their lovely gift, maybe you will be the first person they call for the job they need done!

Don’t you like your name being visible?