A lot of people ask me why I have gone into the print industry. My answer is always the same. I am doing this job because it is the family business, and I plan to one day take over. Do I love printing? Not the most exciting business. What I have done over the last 4 years is bring other commodities for us to sell to make what we do a lot more interesting.


If you have been reading my blog, you know that promotional products were the first item I brought to J.R. Shooter to brighten up our lives. What I think is, what this product is going to do will be even better!


Have you heard about Send Out Cards? It is a great greeting card and gift giving organization that allows you to create cards and pick gifts from the comfort of your desk, your bed (since there is an app for your phone) or on the run while out on appointments.


Basically all you need to do is: purchase points and postage. Each greeting card and gift have different point values, pick the card and gift that best suits your need for each occasion. So when you meet someone new and maybe you even took a picture of the two of you, you could instantly send them a greeting card and brownies (my choice of gift, but there are 100’s for you to choose from) right from your phone. The card will be printed, the box will be stuffed, sealed and mailed within 24 hours, and should arrive at your destination within 5 days!


This could be used with new customers to show your appreciation. It could also be used for customers you haven’t heard from in awhile, and you want to remind them of your services. This system can be used in so many ways, and it is phenomenal for keeping your contacts in order. It will even remind you to send out birthday cards if the information is in the contact list.


So after reading this… You tell me why this is the best way to keep in contact with new, potential, and existing customers.


To learn more go to jessarato.com

Or call jess @ 905-305-8452

These custom greeting cards have personalized photos, logo's and handwriting! The brownie is even better than it looks!
These custom greeting cards have personalized photos, logo’s and handwriting! The brownie is even better than it looks!