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Show Clients You’re Thinking of Them & They’ll Think of You!

They’re not just for birthdays and holidays! Custom greeting cards for business are a great way to tell your clients how much you appreciate them while reminding them in a personal, meaningful way of the value you offer.

The goal of your marketing is to set your company apart from the competition. Greeting cards are an ideal opportunity to do just that, in a memorable way with messaging that is unique to your business, your client and/or the occasion.

How Greeting Cards Boost Your Business

Greeting cards are one of the most versatile marketing tools in your arsenal. That flexibility lets you put them to work, to help you achieve many different marketing goals

  • Develop Client Retention & Loyalty – You spend a lot of time and resources to get customers. But when the job’s done, how do you keep them on board? Greeting cards offer lots of opportunities to stay in touch throughout the year, from regular holidays to celebrating your client’s achievements.
  • Build Awareness – Have a new product? Won an award? Reached a new milestone? Greeting cards are a warm, tasteful way of keeping your customers informed about your business.
  • Reinforce Your Brand – Every touchpoint you have with every customer is an opportunity to reinforce your brand; what it means and what it offers. Greeting cards are a great way to create more touchpoints.
  • Hype Your Promotions – Let your client in on your latest promotions in a way that makes it look like it’s just for them!
  • Have an Impact – In a time when electronic messaging is the norm, imagine the impact of a personal, handwritten message on a uniquely creative greeting card.
  • Create a Buzz – Word-of-mouth – when your client recommends you to others – is the most powerful “marketing” you can get. By staying in touch; by showing how much you care; by expressing your unique value; you increase the chances that your business is ‘front-of-mind’ when it comes time for your client to make a recommendation

Why Choose J.R. Shooter for Your Custom Greeting Cards

Like our greeting cards, we offer a variety of options you need to make a greeting card campaign work for your business. Whichever option you choose, you can rely on the same level of quality and service, at a great price, that you get with all our products.

  • Choose from a Wide Range of Creative Designs – There are options in our design catalogue to complement all of your messages and occasions, all ready for your logo and branding.
  • Send Us Your Design – Already have a great design? Send us your file and we’ll send you the finished greeting cards
  • Let Us Design Them For You – Our in-house graphic designers are ready to design a card just for you and your marketing goals.
  • Tell Us Your Preferences – Choose the size, finish, fonts, colours, and more.

Ready to Give Your Business a Personal Touch?

If you want to learn more about custom greeting card printing in Mississauga, Thornhill, Vaughan, Markham, and Richmond Hill, including questions about design or pricing, Contact Us today.