So, it’s 5:30 on a Thursday, and I am at home cooking dinner,and I get a call from a customer saying “Hi Jess, I have a job that is a rush as you always know it is with me.”

So I say ok, how many pieces? 350,000. When do you need them by? MONDAY MORNING? ARE YOU CRAZY? There are some times when what you really have to understand is the parameters of a job when putting it into production, or even just asking for a quote. This job, going to a mailing house is not just straight printing. There are a few steps that have to be taken.

1) The artwork has to be set up properly with crops and bleeds
2) The machines have to be set up to run, for a job of this size is over 20 hours alone of press time
3) When taken off the press, the job has to dry, otherwise when trimming, there will be smudging
4) The you have to trim the work
5) For the mailing house they have to be counted out into 100’s and have 2 elastic bands wrapped around them

A job like this SHOULD take 5-10 business days from the time the prof is approved. But with paying overtime to the factory for working on a Sunday, we were able to have the job delivered before 10AM Monday morning, for one very happy customer.

So are rush jobs like this ideal?


Will they always be a success like this one was?

No, if the job was any bigger it would not have happened,

But sometimes miracles do happen!