So, we changed our logo, and are rebranding a little bit, but with that, comes trying to figure out how to change your marketing materials in a reasonable price. When we came up with our new logo of the colour fan, we were really excited about our new look. And if you take a look at our Postcard or Business Card our Graphic Artist Dennis Foot from Amplified Communications did a great job coming up with something that we truly love. However if we are going to do a mass mail out with our new image, especially as printers we want our marketing to stand out from the average postcard you get in the mail daily.

Take a look at the artwork below… What do you think is a great way to make it stand out??

We originally thought we would use coloured foils along the “swoosh” to make that stand out. However we came to the conclusion that nothing else would be seen on the card and it would be hard to read.

Than we thought about using a varnish like an AQ or UV to make parts of it stand out. So we are still coming up with a potential design for our next mailing.

What would you do?

JR Shooter Postcard Test