Great News! It’s June 2nd, and we are celebrating summer!
We have a great product on special for the entire month of June that you should definitely not miss out on.
Your out on a hike, or at a trade-show, or an outdoor event with your kids and your wishing you had brought a great water bottle to keep yourself hydrated in the heat!
There are many options, but wouldn’t it be great if you were using a water bottle with your logo on it, so at all times you are advertising your company. Wouldn’t it be even better if hundred’s of people were walking around with this great water bottle promoting your company as well?

This Tritan Water bottle is FDA compliant, BPA free and chemical resitatnt. It is super light weight, and resitant to your children throwing it around in the park
It has an easy flip spout for drinking so you don’t spill it everywhere and even has a wide mouth for ice cubes!
Now I know, your sitting there reading this wondering…”what’s the catch?”

The catch is for the entire month of June you can order any quantity at a price of $3.38 per bottle plus a $50.00 set up.

Now I will be honest, these prices do not include shipping or taxes, but if you pick it up there is no shipping!

Hop on this amazing bandwagon and order your bottles this week!

BPA free water bottle great for summer
BPA free water bottle great for summer