You signed on to linkedin this morning to see a potential customer you have been quoting has looked at your profile. They are no longer returning your calls, and you know you have lost the job and you are wondering why, because they told you your prices were great.

You sit there thinking about it as you browse on linkedin, and you come to the conclusion that maybe it is because your picture is of you in a bathing suit on the beach, or with a beer in your hand. The image that you give off on a professional network is very important, and if you come across as unprofessional someone may choose not to work with you for that reason.

It is also important to keep your picture up to date. I am currently 27, and have a photo of myself on linkedin that was taken when i was 26, so I can probably get away with it until I am about 30, but past that I am going to have photo’s taken because you want your clients to know that it is you, and not a 20 years younger version of you.

Photography is not just important here, but also think about if you are a real estate agent. You are making your feature sheet, Do you have a better chance of selling the house with pictures that are dark you took on your cell phone, or the pictures a professional photographer took for you.

Yes making sure you look your best and your image is in tip top shape can be more expensive, but it could also mean getting those higher end clients that will allow you to continue to pursue a various range of clients that truly care about your high end look.