Although I am young and have not been in business for years like my father, or many other people that I work with, there is a lot of things that I can learn from them, but there is also a lot of things that they can learn from me.

For example, the first time you meet someone, the chances are that they have already looked you up, and have most likely looked at your website. This means, that before even meeting you they probably have made a snap judgement about you and your company.
A website that is updated and new, and does not look like it was the first website ever built is very important for meeting and retaining new customers.

The other important thing they look at is your logo. What does the design say about you? Is it also old and outdated, or have you kept up with the times.

When you go and meet a client, a smile on your face and a firm handshake can go a long way. It says that you are confident, you know what you are doing, and you are happy to be meeting with them.

Finally, in all first meeting’s with someone, even though you have been emailing, and they probably already have your contact info, hand them a business card. It says you came prepared. As well, it shows the type of quality work that you like to work with. Do not hand them a folded card, or one that has the wrong number, and you have crossed it out and written over it. Make sure you are professional, and give them a nice clean card that you are proud of.

What’s the worst first impression you have ever had of someone else?

Our Old Logo created in 1990
Our Old Logo created in 1990
This is our NEW logo just designed so that we can leave behind the 90's
This is our NEW logo just designed so that we can leave behind the 90’s