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Keep Your ID and Credit Card Close to you


Written by JR Shooter

With each day the promotional product industry changes and new things are coming out that you can have customized with your logo to hand out to current and potential customers.

Sometimes there are ideas in the promotional world that you would never have thought of, but when you see it your like “That’s amazing I have to have one”. So if you are giving out one of those items to your customers, and it is something they can actually use they will remember you.

Part of my job as a blogger is to make sure I am keeping you up to date with all of the new hot items that come on the market. I think this one is great. Its great for the man who doesn’t want to keep a large wallet in his pocket, it’s great for the lady who has no pocket’s and doesn’t want to carry a large purse with her, and it is great when you are in a rush and can only grab one or two things.

This item is a silicone wallet that sticks to the back of your cellphone, perfect to hold, a piece of ID, a credit card and your business card. It doesn’t leave residue on your phone when you take it off, however we can not promise if you have a case, that it will not leave reside on the case.

Yes, for you techies out there you are wondering if the cellphone will demagnetize your credit card, but the silicone protects that from happening.

So check out this great new promo for all of your staff, friends, family and customers.

A great on the go wallet when all you need is a few things

A great on the go wallet when all you need is a few things

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