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Are you doing enough self promos?


Written by JR Shooter

So, its the summer, and business may start to slow down, and you know you want to do something to get your name out into the world but you cant think of what?

Do you go to trade shows all year round? Do you go and visit clients or go to networking events? When you are doing some or all of these things then there is a definite way to keep your name out there other than a standard business card. Now I know you are probably groaning about how all ideas cost you money, but it is a byproduct of business.

Self promos can be very important. There is some statistic about how many points of contact with a potential customer it takes to turn them into actual business. The amount of contact is about 10 times before you have a chance of getting that job from them. So maybe it is an email, or a phone call, or a self promo that you gave them in your first meeting that now sit’s on their desk and they see every day. The more your information is in front of them, the higher chance you have of them calling you back.

So do some research as to what works well in your industry and with every meeting you go to, every cold call you attend, hand out something that will make you stand out!

Here is our new product!

Pen, Notepad, Measuring tape and a level!

Pen, Notepad, Measuring tape and a level!

Showing one of the uses of our new self promo

Showing one of the uses of our new self promo

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