So incase you weren’t aware JR Shooter is moving our offices. Since I came into the business we have updated our website, and tried to make things a bit more modern so we keep up with the times. I figured, now is the best time to re design our logo and business card since most people think we look like we are stuck in the 90’s.

The best thing you can do for marketing your business is to make sure that you do not fall behind the times. As times change, if your image looks to old, then people will be less likely to use you because they think that you haven’t changed anything in your business since 1999, which in my opinion isn’t the worst thing because that’s when the Spice Girls were around, and clearly that was the best time ever.

But it really is first impressions that count in business, so whether it is a beautiful postcard that grabs someone’s attention, a nice thick feeling business card, or a smile on your face when they first meet or talk to you, make sure that your marketing is up to snuff!