So, just last week I wrote about how to stay warm in this long and cold winter, but with the clocks changing this past weekend, and it being warm today, maybe we should be talking about how to prepare for the summer.

Most industries have their busy times and their slow times. But let’s be honest, when the summer comes, a lot of people go on vacation and even if it is not the slowest time of the year you probably notice a little lul especially around the long weekends.

But that is not the time to sit back and enjoy the break, it’s actually the time to start looking for new customers so you have time to build a relationship with them.

One of the best ways I have found to break new customers is to send them an introductory package before you cold call them. Send them a presentation folder with all of your information on it, with a letter mentioning who you are, what you do, and maybe even a testimonial from a customer or two mentioning how wonderful you are and how you have helped them out of a bind. Inside the folder with the letter should be information about what your business is, maybe a price list, or a brochure of products you carry.

Now yes, I know what I am about to say goes against what I should be saying, but what do you do with a business card when someone gives it to you? Personally, I put their information in my phone, and then I either throw out the card, or I give it back to them so it doesn’t go to waste. So there should be something else in your package that will grab a potential customers attention, with your info on it, so there is a higher chance that they will call you. For example if you are in construction maybe a little measuring tape with your name, logo and phone number on it. Something for the potential customer to keep in front of them and use and whenever they see your name the chances of them calling you become higher and higher.

So lets take the opportunity to market to our targeting customer base and see how we can keep the slow times rolling.