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How To Stay Warm in the Winter


Written by JR Shooter

It’s March 3rd and the winter feels like it is never going to end. However, it is March and the spring will creep up on us (hopefully) faster than we are expecting.
I’ve heard a lot of the winter blues this year, and I was thinking how to make work more interesting so I don’t feel that way and how to inspire my customers to have a brighter outlook in these freezing cold days.

One of the ways I came up with is to look for marketing materials that we can order now that is for use in the summer. The theory of if you think your warm you will be warm!

There are a lot of activities we do in the summer like golfing, biking, running, swimming that people need items for.

A great hand out to get your customers thinking of summer is a golf tee. You can have your name and contact info on the stem, and on the top of the Tee you can have your logo. There are so many items out there like towels, sunglasses and sunscreen that can be used as a great promotional item and can inspire the thought and excitement that is summer.

Golf Tee's we just did for our customer Jeff Morrison Fine Jewlery

Golf Tee’s we just did for our customer Jeff Morrison Fine Jewlery


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