As the years go on, and the people in the public eye are slimmer and fitter, the general public wants to continue to look like the sometimes all too thin celebrities.

Now, ok I know you are sitting here wondering why a blog about promotional items and printing is talking about getting fit. But with an industry like this one we have to keep up with the trends. I am sure when you go to the gym you see people with their protein shakes they put in their bottle and shake it with a ball inside to make sure there are no clumps.
If you haven’t seen them, they are all the rage these days.

Well, to keep up with the times, in the promo world, we like to be able to print on anything that is popular, and now the shaker bottles with the metal ball to mix your shake is readily available.

So the next time you have a brilliant idea for the next hot promo you want to do for your company, just ask, because you may be the first one to do it, and it may become a great marketing tool for you!

Shaker bottle with mixing ball
Shaker bottle with mixing ball