Welcome to 2014! How many houses were you in over the holidays?  Did you admire the new renovations they just did in their kitchen.  And then you saw their stainless steel fridge.  Then this happened again in the next house you went into, and again in the third house.  Now you are sitting there scratching your head wondering why you sent out your New Year coupons on a magnet because they will not stick to anything.

There are so many options out there that do not include a magnet, but can still be hung for people to see.  One option is velcro, the other is double sided tape, and a third option is cling vinyl.  All of these items can be used to put your marketing materials on items so people can see them at all times.

Depending on the product and where you want your customers to hang them will depend on what product you use to make it adhesive.  So come to us with your ideas, and let’s see how we can push you into the current state of technology and let’s make your marketing ideas work in 2014!

A Personal trainer's way of promoting, although still a magnet!
A Personal trainer’s way of promoting, although still a magnet!