The holiday season is coming, and your store is wondering how big the sales are going to be. Does your product scream Black Friday shopping or Christmas gift? If so then maybe you should be having a sale and advertising it!

We have customers who every year know that Black Friday is a huge day for them. In order to ensure that the business continues to occur every year, they now hold a huge sale. Just holding a sale though is not enough. What you really need to do is market the sale in a manner in which it will grab someone’s attention.

Maybe your selling TV’s just like my customer, maybe your selling toys for the holiday season. Either way, the process of a blow-in ad campaign is the same.

Let’s start with the first step. Knowing where the flyer is going. This will let you know how many flyers you need to print. Then you can decide how to design your flyer. But before the design process happens, we can quote it for you. We just need to know the size of the flyer, how many you need, the stock that you want it on, and the various newspaper warehouses we need to deliver it to.

Once you have a cost, and the artwork has been approved we can put them into production. When going to a newspaper, the flyers need to be banded in 100’s. If this is something you did not know until now, that is ok, because when you told me it was being inserted into a newspaper, I knew it needed to be shipped that way so it is already included in the cost.

Now I know your wondering how long does this all need to be produced. Well, it obviously depends on the quantity, but for let’s say 600,000 pieces we need 10 business days for the production of the print, and the newspaper needs the products approximately 3-4 days before they are put in the newspaper, so the whole job takes about 2 weeks.

So yes, your sale may not be for another month, but to prevent stress, let’s get started quoting you today!

Black Friday Flyer2013_Final