Mac VS PCI would LOVE to say that in 2016, whether you have a Mac or a PC for business (mostly in the industry of design and print) doesn’t matter. However, in my opinion, this would be a fib. We were working on a project for a customer where they had 2 different languages on the file.  They had it set up the way they wanted, and when it was transferred from their PC to our Mac, everything shifted.

What was the craziest part, was that since you read the second language right to left instead of the standard for English of left to right, the text actually completely reversed.  Now if you have read my other blog posts you know that I am no techie, and it took us quite some time on how to fix it.  We actually had to take the original file to a PC computer in our office, and convert the file into a PDF, and we than placed it into the final file for print.

The moral of this story is, when transferring artwork from either a Mac to a PC or vice versa, make sure you check your work. Shifting can happen!