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Totes, Woven Vs Laminated. What do you like?


Written by JR Shooter

I don’t often post about personal stuff, but this week personal and business tie together, so bonus! You get to learn a little bit more about me!

My wedding is coming up in May, and we have a lot of out of towner’s since my Fiancee is from Calgary.  So, like all out of town weddings we have been to, we are going to put a bag in the hotel rooms for guests with a couple goodies! But since we are in the promo industry, we figured, why not make the bag a reusable one!

Now keep in mind, there are 6 people making this decision, 2 sets of parents and the bride and groom, so there are a lot of differing opinions

Now, Tom my fiancee likes a canvas bag. He thinks they look more sturdy. His mom likes the laminated bags, because she thinks they look nicer in the long run. But the material of the bag is not the only debate.  What are we putting in the bag? How big should the bag be so when we fill it, it doesn’t look empty?

There are so many options out there for bags, and we all have different opinions.  None of us are right or wrong, because it is all personal taste!

What type of bag do you like?

Cotton Tote

Cotton Tote

Laminated Tote

Laminated Tote

Non Woven Tote

Non Woven Tote


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