So, with the dollar changing over the last little while, there is something happening in this industry that you may not be aware of! The price of paper has been changing drastically.  Now, you may be asking us why this is happening, since as far as you know you are ordering a product that is produced in Canada.

You are correct! You either provided us with finished artwork or had JR Shooter design for you. So that was obviously done in Canada.  The actual printing house is in Markham, so that is clearly done in Canada too! But here is the twist… the paper that your brochure is being printed on was made in the US.

The only papers that are still created within Canada are the uncoated ones with recycled content.  Now these papers are already slightly more expensive because they are environmentally friendly, and if you want a glossy stock, they don’t exist in environmentally friendly.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman.  The reason that printing is going up overall is due to where the papers are made, and our dollar dropping! So to keep your prices down, buy in bulk! Or use promotional products instead of print this year and see how else you can promote your business!