When you are making a thank you card, what goes on the card depends on the occasion.

When someone passes away, you usually have Thank you on the outside of the card, and a nice little saying on the inside to show your appreciation for friends and family support in this time of need.

However, if you are creating a thank you card for either a Bar Mitzvah, Wedding,  Communion, or even a Sweet 16 there are no rules that say the words “Thank You” have to be printed on the card.  You can do a nice picture or design on the front, and it only says Thank you where you write it.

This allows you to use your “Greeting Cards” for many more occasions in the future. Whether it is somebody else’s birthday, or a valentines day gift, there is something to be said for a nice hand written card, instead of a bought one.

So the next time you are designing your own Thank you card, think about what else you can use it for, and if the words Thank you should be printed on the front, or saved for your personalization.