It’s funny, because I am part of a business networking group that meets every Thursday morning.  Some people are new, and some have been there longer than me.  I have been there for 4 years, and I do a 60 second “commercial” every time I go! Let’s say I go 50 weeks a year, and I speak for 60 seconds each time about my business, and twice a year I get 10 minutes to talk.

That means, over the last 4 years people in my group have heard me talk about my business for over 200 minutes! You would think after all that time, I would have been able to describe exactly what we do, and show them ALL the products I can offer them.  There are so many promotional items out there, I could never go through them.

When people ask us what we do, we are always shocking people when we say “yes we can get you a freezable, AND microwaveable tub” or YES “we can get you cheques for cheaper than the bank”.


So the next time you are looking for a marketing piece for your business, or for a friend, give us a call and ask


“Can you get me” … And see if I am up for the challenge