The summer just ended. You spent it relaxing by a pool, or at the cottage, leaving early on Friday’s to enjoy the heat, but what happened to your business?
Did it slow down, or was it thriving. Because I would say, if you are the average company, where a lot of people went on vacations, you were probably much slower than you normally are in the winter or spring, and it is time to gear back up for the fall.

There are several ways to get in touch with your customers and remind them you exist. One way is an email. But how many of those are you getting in your mailbox? 5, 10, 100? I know I have been getting them every day, and most of the time I just delete them. Maybe it is a stop in at your customers office, but how many customer’s do you have, and how many of them are capable of sitting down and talking to you for a long period of time? Probably not all of them.
I used to think that when a postcard comes in the mail I would normally just throw it out, however, since I just moved out on my own, I realized that whenever I receive a flyer, or postcard, before I toss it, the first thing I do is look for a coupon.

So, when you are thinking of how to remind your customers that you exist this fall, think about sending out a postcard with a discount code on it. Or maybe a nice pen, or something your clientele base would use, to keep your name in the front of their mind.
There are so many different projects that you can do to remind your customers that you exist, it’s all about branding, and keeping your name in their face.

How are you going to do that this fall?