Every week I have looked at a new way in print to try and promote different parts of people’s companies, but what people do not realize is that print is not the only physical way to promote your company.

How many times have you gone to a trade show and been given a piece of chocolate? Wouldn’t that piece of chocolate make more of an impression if it had the name of your company on it, or it was in the shape of a product related to your business.

This is the same with all of the give aways that a company can use for marketing materials. Last week I had a spa call me looking for a quote on stress balls. This type of give away can be branded with your company name, and more often then not when a person receives this type of promotional item they keep it.

I continuously like to stress, like notepads, it is important to give a product out with your name on it that your clientele would actually use. A spa using a stress ball, not only promotes stress relief, and shows their name and phone number whenever someone is using it, but they can also pick a shape that will grab their clients attention in hopes of them actually using it.

I am in the industry and I did not know until last week how many different shapes they come in. Think if an industry and I would put money on it that you can find a related stress ball.

From body parts, to cars, to porta potties what would you want to give out to remind your potential customers you exist?