It doesn’t really matter what industry you are in right now, because if you are giving away a promo, a fidget spinner is the one to give away!  You may be asking yourself, why?

Well, thats because you can put your information on it, and even if the adult (aka parent) does not want to use it, they will have someone (aka a child) to give it to.  You know what that means?  They will remember that YOU gave them something that they couldn’t find in stores, and their child really wanted, and the next time they need your services, you will have stuck out as someone who helped out in a time of need!

The best part is, there are so many different kinds of fidget spinners that you can pick which one it is that you want to give out! There are ones where you can just imprint on the centre, but there are also ones where you can imprint on each leg as well as the centre!  There are even ones that have LED lights that change colour as it spins!

With this crazy new fad, there is no reason NOT to have a promotional item with your name on them!  Everyone wants them, and everyone will remember who they got it from because your name and number will be front and centre every time someone picks it up to play!


What colour fidget spinner do you want?


fidget spinners logo'd and numbered for all!
This black spinner with white print shows you how sharp your logo can look on a spinner