Do you know a real estate agent?

Real Estate agents use all different types of marketing materials in order to help them sell whatever home, condo or living space it is they are trying to sell or rent. One of the various items that are used regularly are large format signs. For sale signs, riders, and even open house signs are all usually made out of the same material.

Can you guess what that material is?  If you guessed coroplast, then by gosh, you got it right!

Coroplast comes in a couple different of thickness’s. The standard thickness’s are 4, 8 & 10mm. Each size can be used for different applications.  If you have a metal A-frame stand, then you are probably using a 4mm thickness, so it fits perfectly.  For, for sale signs, and rider coroplast signs, it really is up to you! We always recommend a 10mm for outdoor use, because that way you know it is sturdy.  However, the thicker it is, the more costly it is, so we would always try to keep it within your budget!

There are other things to take into consideration when printing on coroplast signs.  Something as simple as using UV protected inks is helpful, so the printing does not fade in the sun!

So, the next time you are looking for your custom printed coroplast signs, remember, there are a few options, and if you have any questions as to what would be best for you, call us!

custom printed coroplast signs
A-frame: Custom Printed Coroplast Signs