When printing your marketing materials, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. One of them, is how much colour coverage is on your print, and does it need to be coated.

Each coating has a different purpose, however, they all help to prevent smudging!

The first, and most common coating is an AQ, which stands for Aqueous Coating.  This water based material is applied to the print while it is still on press.  This allows for the inks to dry quicker, and helps to prevent smudging and fingerprints.

The second coating is called a UV or Ultra Violet Coating.  This is applied after the materials have been printed, and a UV light is used to “harden” the coating to make the materials, extra shiney, as well as protect from smudging.

The third most common coating is a lamination.  Now this can be done either matte or glossy,  but what’s important to mention is that you have to let the inks dry on these cards before applying the lamination.  Each type of lamination will make the card thicker and slightly more durable, but depending on the thickness and glossyness, they give you a different look!


What is the best coating for your marketing materials?