There are a lot of times when people come to me with a job, and I like to be conservative with my timing as to when the job will be complete when they ask. When someone does question how long a job will take, I have to take many things in to consideration. One of them is what the job is. A simple 1,000 piece business card order will take anywhere from 1-3 business days. A next day is considered a rush job, and may cost more, but it is doable assuming there is nothing fancy about the card like foil stamping. A brochure, depending on quantity, size, and paper used can take a couple of days, and can sometime take up to a week.

Although there are times I may say the job could take up to a week, what you have to take into consideration is how busy the factory is. If the factory has the pressman running 24 hours a day with the jobs going on consistently then it could sometimes take longer for a job to be done. Sometimes I may say it will take a week for a job to be done, and if the pressman are slow, they can throw it on quickly and maybe the job could be done in an hour.

So now you see there are many different variations to take into consideration as to how long a job takes to be completed. The most accurate answer can be given to you one the proof has been approved.