I had a customer who was opening a new store this week and was looking for a nice way to display some art he had designed. He was going for an artsy look, so what I recommended instead of framing them was to use canvas. I had never printed on canvas before so there was a lot of things I had to learn first before I could even give him his options.

One of the things is that canvas is a lot like paper. It comes in different sizes, thickness’s and qualities. This means if you pick one that is to thin, and it has heavy colour coverage the ink or light may shine through. Depending on the look you are going for depends on the type of canvas you would use.

It is also important to take into consideration where the canvas is going to be hung. If there will be light on it, than it is important to use a UV ink so that the ink does not fade.

There are also certain finishes that are best to be put onto the job so that if they get wet, or someone accidentally sneezes on it, the ink does not smudge.

The finish in terms of the image is also important. When ordering a canvas if you want the image to go all the way around to the back so the sides are covered this is called a gallery wrap, how ever if you just want the image on the front, and the sides to be solely canvas that would be called a standard wrap.

So the next time you want to get beautiful canvas hung and printed for your home or store, make sure you know all of the correct terms, and things needed to be done so that you end up with the exactly what you are looking for.