There are many myths in the paper industry world, and it is important to know which ones are real and which ones aren’t. Throughout the years people have protested that printing is bad for the environment, and with each paper we print, we are killing more and more trees. But is this a fact, or is this something that the media has made up?

A lot of people do not know this but a lot of paper manufacturers are using various tactics to encourage their suppliers to stay environmentally friendly. One of the ways that the paper manufacturers are encouraging their forestry suppliers to continue in the business is by the great income they earn. If they continue to maintain and grow trees for a great price it encourages them to continue their work. The problem is that a lot of forestry is now being torn down for the development of other things such as condos and homes.

In the united states, the U.S. Forest Service states that they grow more tree’s than they harvest, and the forestland has remained the same for the past 100 years, with approximately 750 million acres of land.

So the next time that you are debating not doing a print because you think it is more environmentally friendly, just look for papers that have been recycled, or keep in mind that for most tree’s are cut down, more are planted in a managed forest.