So, being a print broker, and it being summer, I came to the conclusion it is more important to push the items that sell in the summer. A lot of people are on vacation, and are not ordering large amounts of print for marketing right now because they think a lot of people will miss their marketing materials.

But what about the people who do work through out the summer? Or if you are part of an industry that summer is one of your busiest times of year? If you do something for your customers that grabs their attention in terms of marketing, they will realize you appreciate their business and will continue to use your services in the future. For example, I have a customer who is a personal trainer. He may not want to print postcards to gain new clients in the summer, but it is time to show the clients he does have, an appreciation for their business.

A GREAT way to do that is with a give away!
This personal trainer has gone out of his way to order mini notepads and pens to hand out to all of his clients so that they have no excuse not to keep notes during their training session. So not only is he giving them something useful that they can use with him, when they go home, or out somewhere else, they will have a notebook and a pen with his branding on it.

Let’s say his client is sitting at a lunch or a meeting and needs a small pen and paper to take some notes. Someone else at the table see’s you using this and asks where you got it. It becomes an easy way for your clients to talk about how amazing you and your services are. So although it is not free branding and marketing, it is a different way to get your name out into the world.

What are you doing different to get your name out there?