So it’s 2021 and that means the new year has started! Some of us are all still feeling a bit stuck inside. Your holidays were probably unlike any other and maybe you didn’t get to see your family. So, I don’t know about you, but I know how this has made me feel… Like the holidays didn’t really happen, like time is something you will never take for granted again. But I know one thing for sure that I will take advantage of as soon as I am allowed… Hugging! Man I miss hugging!
But ok, none of this has anything to do with marketing or printing, and I bet you’re wondering where this is going?
Well, I have always been into photography, but over the past year, I have noticed more people actually wanting to print their pictures! That way we can send them to people so our friends and family know we are thinking about them. There are so many ways to print your photos.
One option is books for your own viewing pleasure at home, (Which one day I bet your children & grandchildren will appreciate looking at photos on something other than a screen! ) Other ways are greeting cards, calendars with a different picture for each month, mugs or even t-shirts, a photo on a canvas, or you could do a wall of family photos on plaques with a black border. All of these ways are great ways to share photos of your family.
So this year, when you are taking those photos of your loved ones, think about how you can share the printed versions with your friends and family, so we can all remember that there are good things that happen in the world too!!