We’re all trying to survive in these crazy covid times, and for each business and family that has probably meant different things.

For some it is just getting used to working from home. For others it is not seeing your family for a very long time.  Or if you have to go to an office, it is getting used to wearing a mask all day every day.

I know a lot of people have said to them it is getting up earlier, so they can have some alone time from the family.  Working and helping your kid with virtual learning is 2 full time jobs happening at the same time. It’s no joke.

But let’s be honest with each other, no matter how you pivot your life, the last year has been hard.

Most of us miss seeing our families. So I have been trying to find different ways to keep in tough and remind one another we care. Sure we can do large format signs on your lawn to acknowledge essential workers and those whose who hitting exciting milestones in their life. But everyone is doing that, what else is there?

You know when you used to walk into a store and there was a giant life sized cut out of your favourite character from your favourite show? I think that should be the gift of 2021. Your parents may not be able to see and hug their grandchildren like they used to. So let’s use some large format printing! Get a family picture, a picture of the kids, or even a missed pet, send them to the printer, and get a life sized standing cutout of the family so we can all feel a little more together.

This is just one idea. How are you keeping your family together distanced in a unique way?


Jess and Dr. Who
This is me in Seattle at a comic book store with my favourite Doctor Who Doctors! Imagine if this was your kids?