Builders & Contractors Need Marketing too

When it comes to getting new customers, we have to learn what it is our customers’ needs are. What it is that they use day to day, and what it is they need annually. We work with all sorts of different industries, and with each new industry is a learning experience as to how to support them in their needs. Contractors are no different. What makes them different, is the different size of contractor may have different needs. Here is a little guide as to how we can help builders of all sizes.


When it comes to what small businesses spend on their advertising, it’s often only 1-2% of their annual revenue. So when it comes to what they really need, it is the essentials that they are usually looking to spend on. Small kits with all of their essentials are a great way to promote to small construction contractors. Some items all contractors need are business cards, yard signs, and logo’d shirts. One item that has become increasingly more popular are car magnets. They have the option of when it is on their car/truck or not, and if something changes, it is a cost effective item that can be easily replaced.

Construction & Project Management

Larger contractors take on different roles than a small one. It may not just be a small construction job at a time. There may be multiple teams, managing multiple projects from demolition, to complete re-builds. When the job are running on such a large scale, there needs to be procedures in place to keep them organized. Items like presentation folders, ncr forms, brochures and branded letterhead, can help keep them organized. Also with all of these branded papers, their customers will remember their contractors name and refer them to other people.

Home Builders

Residential construction companies work on a wider range of projects. Anything from government work to completely customized high end homes. These contractors need an architect, so they will need other items like floor plans, blueprints and lots of signage to mark the site. When it comes to their own materials, they like the feel to be higher end. We once did a book for a custom home builder. The cover was very thick and with a suede finish. It had a vellum stock in between the cover and the start of the book just to make it look nicer. The inside stock was linen, and they used spot UVs to highlight special items. That high end feel of their marketing, helps translate to the feel they want to give to their homes.

Builders Print Needs

The construction industry uses all sorts of products when it comes to their personal use to their building sites. They need the standard business cards, but they also use things like coroplast signage. They obviously want their signage to be pretty, if it’s not catchy, who is going to look at it. But it also has to be practical. A lot of their items are used outside, so they have to be weather and sun proof. We always try and recommend the most durable products when it comes to the construction world.

Business Cards

Every industry needs business cards, and the construction industry is no different. The only difference is we may suggest a thicker card, or one that is waterproof or tear resistant. Sure you can still do a simple 14pt business card, but if it falls on site, it can easily get destroyed.


When it comes to labels, I always ask how they are being used. In the construction world, I would probably always suggest polyester labels. They can be used for heavy duty items like machines, or packing. The polyester allows you to put the labels on outdoor items for safety, without the worry of them being destroyed.


Safety is of the utmost concern when talking about a construction site. Coroplast signs which can be hung or affixed in a couple of different ways are a great way to tell people the important things they need to know. Like where to wear your helmet, or for others to keep out. By using coroplast, you know it will stand the weather for the length of your project.

Now there are many more items in the print and promotional world that could be used in the construction industry to keep them organized, safe and promote themselves with a clean look. Above are just a few examples of how we can help contractors have the best look to attract new clients.


What’s your favourite item on a construction site?