Postcard Mailing Services

It’s simple, when a customer calls us and asks for a mail walk or mailing services, we know what questions to ask them and how to start the process.

How Does Postcard Mailing Work?

The first question we ask is what area you want to hit.

We find out the north, south, east, west boundaries of streets or areas, and we use a Canada Post tool that helps us determine how many businesses, houses, and/or apartments are in the area.

You Pick the Mailing Area

You then tell us which of those buildings you would like to hit.

When we narrow it down, we now know exactly how many postcards, flyers or whatever it is we are mailing on your behalf we need to print.

Postcard Graphic Design Options

The design aspect can either be done with our graphic artist, or can be done through you, and you would then send us the completed, press ready files with crops and bleeds.

Submit for Printing

From there, the item goes on press for printing, and whatever finishing needs it may have like stapling or folding.

Anything going in a mail walk or mailing service, must be cross bundled in 50’s or 100’s, so that is the final process before mailing.

Out for Delivery

When we have the printed product in hand, we then use our Canada Post tool again to input when and where the mailers are going, based on the provided specs from our customer.

We then take the boxes to Canada Post, or our other mail walk services, and they get distributed to the chosen building locations.

How Long Does Postcard Mailing Take?

The whole process from design to delivery takes approximately 1-2 weeks depending on how long the design process takes.

For just print and mail you are looking at approximately 1 week.

Who are Some of Your Clients?

Errol Paulicpulle and Elise Kalles are just a couple of the agents we do this type of work for.