When you walk into a presentation whether it be a business meeting or a class and you are handed a papers with information on it, how you receive it often depends on how you take their opinion.  If someone hands you a grouping of sheets not presented in a nice way, just with loose leaf sheets and no organization  you may not take their opinion, or what they are selling as positively as if their information is well organized and presented to you in a visually pleasant manner.

Presentation folders are often used to put sheets into for handing out when there is not enough sheets to bind.  This is also a more cost effective way of doing it.  And presentation folders do not all have to be the same.  When desiging them there are various ways to make them stand out so that when your customer or student see’s it they know that you took the time to present this information to them.

A standard presentation folder is 9 x 12 with 2, 4″ pockets and often has a business card slit on one or both of the pockets.  Printing on the pockets is considered to be printing on the outside because of how the artwork is set up, therefore does not cost any extra money.  However if you want to print on the inside of the presentation folder that add’s a bit to the cost.  However can also add to the overall presentation and look.

If you know you are inserting a significant amount of paper into the folder than you can use gussets so that the pocket folder is a little thicker, therefore easily allowing you to add as many sheets as you would like.

There are also all sorts of design steps you can take in order to have certain images stick out.  A varnish that highlights either some writing or a picture can draw peoples attention to a certain area on the folder to aid you in your next presentation.

So the next time you know you have a big presentation coming up and you are unsure as to how you want to show your materials, take presentation folders into consideration and see how they can enhance your image.