It’s interesting over the years how some people believe that internet and social media have truly killed print media, but it has been brought to my attention recently that anyone who thinks they can solely base all of their marketing on line is nuts!

Over the past few years, we had lost some customers who wanted to try to do some online marketing, and was transferring their print budget to online marketing to see what would happen.  In the one year they did it, their business sales dropped because their marketing was no longer put in front of their customers it had to be seeked out. That is one of the major problems with online marketing and social media, if your customer is accustomed to receiving a catalogue in the mail, or a postcard telling them about your sale, they may take it for granted that they will be reminded, but come holiday time if your marketing does not come to them in the mail, they may decide to see what else is out there.  So when our customers realized that they lost business due to completley switching, the following year they came back to us to do more print.

Now this blog post is not to say that the only way to do marketing is printing, otherwise I wouldn’t be tweeting every day and writing this blog.  I think that there needs to be a balance between the two mediums in order to get the best results.

Just remember, that online marketing and print marketing go hand in hand!