It’s 2015, and more often then not companies are going digital.  They look at catalogues and brochures and see them as useless. Why wouldn’t my customer just go on to my website and see all the information there? There are still people like me who like to physically hold a catalogue, but there are more reason’s just then because Jess likes to hold it.

If you go in to a meeting knowing your customer wants to look at a variety of products, you could show up with several catalogues that you could go through with your customer. But what if you do not have those catalogues. You need to sit there with a computer and pull each one up.  What if your customer does not want to give you their wifi password, and your cell phone does not have the best reception in their office, so tethering moves very slowly.  Then you do not look prepared for your meeting.

So there are many different reasons to use printed marketing over not just the internet.


What problems have you run into with customers or suppliers that have gone solely digital?