So, I have been working in the industry for four years now, and I have been working with some of the same customers since I started in the industry as well as building new customers. The thing with your original customers, is sometimes they do not see how your business grows.

When I started at J.R. Shooter Jack focused mainly on paper. So printing things like business cards and brochures, and when I came in, I started selling different types of marketing tools like pens and T-Shirts.

All of these items, including large format signage, outdoor signage, plastic bags, paper bags, water bottles and more are all things that J.R. Shooter can help you source.
What we bring to the table different than other print brokers is the fact that we care, and we take the time to find the best price, and if we find a better price, we always pass the savings on to our customers.

Do you need a quote for something you did not consider print until now?