Business cards don’t tend to come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but there are an awful lot of ways to make them look different then others.


The image I am going to attach will show you 6 different techniques in making your business cards stand out, and these are just a few options

The first one is on the top that says Tarryn’s.  It is a black double thick card with pink edges all the way around.  The card itself is a matte card, but it has a spot UV on it, which is the floral design that is glossy and stands out, and also has a silver stamp on it to make the name stand out.

Option 2 is a black card with 12 different options showing you how you can use the foil stamping, and the various colours it comes in.

Option 3 is a white solid card that is 32pt thick, (the average card is 14pt) and it is debossed with a black ink ti enhance where it is debossed.

Option 4 is also a thicker card at 28pt, and it is a soft touch card, which is velvety smooth, so when someone touches it, they not only feel that it is thicker, but they feel the nice soft touch to it as well. This one can also be embossed, debossed or foil stamped for further design as well.

Option 5 is the Remax card which is a 32pt silk lam card, which also makes it a nice smooth finish, and they have embossed where the Remax Flag is, and have added the colour with a UV shine to make it really stand out.

Option 6 is a beautiful textured paper with round corners to give a softer feel to the image,

These are not your only options, and you do not need to have many effects per card, just one helps it stand out, but this gives you a great idea of just how creative you can be!

Here are 6 different business cards to show just how unique you can be
Here are 6 different business cards to show just how unique you can be