I know what you are thinking… WHY would we use real greeting cards when they can all be designed and sent online?
I will tell you the two main reasons why you send REAL greeting cards.

  1. When a customer receives a real greeting card (maybe with a gift) in the mail, they actually look at it, and appreciate it, and if you look at my record 80% of the time the person will call you to say thank you, which gives you an opening to ask… “how was your product delivered”  or “What do you have in the future we can help you with”  – opening that extra line of communication with them calling you shows their appreciation, and gives you a great in
  2.  The second reason you send real greeting cards….. when that person you sent it to you calls to say thank you for the “card and brownies” you can just let them know how much you appreciate them! When you make it about your customer, and not about you they learn to appreciate you as well, and are more likely to stay loyal to you!

Sending a greeting card can be as easy as 1-2-3.  They can be pre-designed, or you can design them yourself!  Here is just one example of a pre-made card! There are thousands more, and it is your choice who you send it to and why!  Your customers would love if you remembered their birthday… Wouldn’t you?

A great 14pt greeting card that you can completely customize the inside